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How do I connect my Gaming/Streaming device to the Network?
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Wired Devices

Does your device have an Ethernet or Wired port? Most dorms sometimes offer 1 extra Ethernet port for you to use. If you want to connect your Computer or Gaming device with a wired connection and you have the option to in your room, then please visit the following link:

You will need to have your devices MAC address in order to register it. If you don't know how to get it please visit the following link:


Wireless Devices

There is a special WiFi network called "Gaming & Streaming" for all of your Gaming and Streaming devices to connect to campus WiFi. In order to connect to that network, you have to first register your device's wireless MAC address.


You can find out how to find that MAC address here: http://reg/links.html 

And then register that MAC address here: http://reg/


Note - Currently Chromecast are not supported. In the future, we do plan to add support for Google Streaming devices. But for now, they will not work. Google Homes (Nests) can be connected.


As always if you run into any issues please let us know!


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